Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

Following the loss of a pet, you may want a unique and special memento by which you'll always be reminded of him or her. Now more than ever, there are a bounty of memorialization options - from the standard grave marker to the extreme of having your pet's ashes launched into space or transformed into a sparkling diamond.



The following are all ways to preserve your cherished companion's legacy:
• Hold a funeral or memorial service 
• Write a song, poem, or farewell letter 
• Paint or draw pictures 
• Make lists of things you'll miss & things you loved about your pet
• Create a photo album or scrapbook
• Compile photos/video clips into a digital scrapbook or movie 
• Keep a locket of your pet's fur/hair
• Plant a tree or flower in remembrance
• Create a personalized headstone, memorial, or stepping stone 
• Buy a flower that blooms at a significant time of the year 
• Burn a special candle when thinking about your pet
• Create a special box for photos and memories
• Keep your pet's collar tags on a key-chain or necklace 
• Write letters or send cards to your pet's veterinarian, groomer, pet sitter, etc. 
• Write and publish a book about your pet's life 
• Make a donation to a shelter or rescue in your pet's name
• Commission a professional portrait or stuffed-animal version of your pet
• Transform some of your pet's ashes into a diamond or other jewelry or art
• Commission a taxidermist