Signs Your Pet Is In Pain

Considering your pet can’t actually talk to you, it’s vital that you watch their behavior for any signs they are in distress. Getting medical treatment as soon as you notice pain is crucial for healthy recoveries. Here are some ways they might be telling you they hurt.
Aggressive or Antisocial Behavior
It isn’t uncommon for a pet to fail to greet you at the door when they hurt. They might also avoid contact with you or become aggressive. If they are antisocial when they weren’t previously, it could be a sign there’s a pain in their body.
Changes in Sleep, Eat or Drinking
If an animal is in pain, they tend to sleep more as they attempt to heal. They’ll also stop eating or drinking if they are experiencing dental issues.
Being Noisy
Sometimes when they are in pain, they’ll be more vocal. Growling, yelping, howling and snarling are all ways for an animal to tell you they hurt.
Grooming Excessively
If your pet is spending a lot of time licking their paws, they might be attempting to soothe themselves. This is a natural response to cleaning and caring for their bodies. If a cut occurred, you might be able to see it where they are licking. When the pain is inside their body, you wouldn’t be able to see what they are trying to lick at.
Checklist to See if Your Animal is in Pain
Look for these common symptoms:
Sensitive to touch
Not active
Reluctant to walk
Not eating or drinking
Increased heart rate
Shallow breathing
Have rapid, shallow breathing and an increased heart rate
If you aren’t sure what your animal is experiencing but know they are acting differently; it’s time to see the vet. Maybe there’ll be nothing wrong, but it’s always best to play it safe.