Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian

When you head into the wellness exam with your pet, there are some questions you should plan to ask. Here are the top 5 things you need to discuss with your veterinarian.
1. Is My Pet at a Healthy Weight?
Believe it or not, half of the pets in the United States are now overweight. Most pet owners don’t even realize that there’s a problem. Talk to your vet about the appropriate weight for your animal and what you can do to improve their health.
It’s possible that you need to make some changes to their food. The veterinarian has excellent recommendations that work for your type of pet, so be willing to listen to their suggestions.
2. Does My Pet Need Shots?
It’s essential that your furry loved one has all their vaccinations. This protects them from dangerous health issues. 
3. Does My Pet Require a Dental Cleaning?
Pets suffer from dental disease more often than most people realize. About 80% of dogs and an estimated 70% of cats over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease. This leads to further complications if left untreated.
Instead of waiting for problems to arise, it makes more sense to be proactive with dental cleanings. In the end, it saves you money and keeps your pet healthy.
4. What’s the Best Flea and Tick Medication to Use?
Not only are ticks and fleas a nuisance, but they lead to several deadly diseases. With all the options available to prevent and kill these pests, it’s important you know which one is the best. Talk to your vet about their recommendations. You’ll even be able to find some that work for 12 weeks on just one dose.
5. Will you Explain the Bill?
Instead of walking away confused, ask the vet to explain why the procedures cost what they do. What seems like a lot of money probably won’t once you understand the training and equipment needed to keep your pet healthy.