Proud to be your Libertyville Vet!

Our team is so proud to serve the community of Libertyville and beyond! Dr. David McKenna and the team here at Animal Hospital of West Lake Forest is dedicated to providing exceptional veterinary care to all animals in our area. We are proud to provide the most innovative treatments and we utilize advanced technology to help treat our patients efficiently and effectively. We treat every patient like family, so you can always expect a five-star experience when you choose Animal Hospital of West Lake Forest for your pet's veterinary care. 
Wellness visits can help your pet live a long and healthy life, and they can even save you money throughout the course of your pet's lifetime. Things like diagnostic testing, physical exams, dental cleanings, and even grooming services can allow us to regularly check in on your pet's health. These regular visits give Dr. McKenna the opportunity to give your pet a full physical examination and note any abnormalities. Our Libertyville vet can recommend any minor adjustments to your pet's diet and exercise, provide allergy medication, or going over treatment options. Prevention is always the best medicine, so we recommend getting your pet a wellness visit at least every year. 
Dental cleanings are very important for both cats and dogs. Typically, we recommend that an animal get a dental cleaning if they have significant tartar buildup or if we start to see evidence of dental decay. Our pets need regular dental care just like humans do! Pet owners should aim to brush their pet's teeth as often as possible, by at least once per week. Make sure to use pet-safe toothpaste and a toothbrush specifically designed for pet's mouths. Many health issues can be traced back to oral health issues, so try to stay ahead of your pet's dental health. When you bring your pet in for their wellness visit, we can complete a thorough examination of their teeth and gums to check for any abnormalities or signs of dental disease. 
Our Libertyville vet believes that prevention is always the best medicine. We highly encourage pet owners to visit our office regularly to try and get ahead of any health issues your pet may be experiencing. Our team of experts are here to help your pet with any health emergency, big or small, but prevention is always the best way to handle your pet's care. Veterinary emergencies can be difficult to treat, and they can be quite expensive depending on your pet's unique health needs. By taking the steps to maintain your pet's wellness with regular check-ups, following a nutrition plan set by our veterinarian, and making sure your pet gets regular exercise, you can help reduce their risk for experiencing a health emergency. Minimize your pet's chance of experiencing a health emergency by being proactive with their care. Call our office at (847) 234-2110 to schedule your pet's next wellness visit with our Libertyville vet. We look forward to seeing your furry friend, so call our office today!