Proud to be your Deerfield Vet!

Dr. David McKenna is proud to be your Deerfield vet! The team here at Animal Hospital of West Lake Forest is passionate about providing exceptional veterinary care to all animals in our community. With our new location in Lake Bluff, we are able to provide quality veterinary care to animals throughout our area and beyond! Whether your pet needs a simple wellness visit, or a more advanced surgery, you can trust that they are receiving five-star care when they come in for an appointment. Our patients are like family, so that is the level of care that we continue to provide with every visit. 
We provide patients with state-of-the-art facilities and innovative treatments so that they can get effective and efficient care. It is so important that your pet is able to get the care they need as soon as they need it. Our team is experienced in a variety of specialties so you can trust that your pet will always be cared for by the best professionals in the area. We offer services in all areas of wellness, dentistry, surgery, preventative care, emergency services, and diagnostic testing. Dr. McKenna can help your pet feel their absolute best so that they can live a long and healthy life! Our team works hard to provide an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible so that you pet can get the treatments they require right away. You can trust that your pet is always receiving high-quality care and excellent customer service with every visit.
Our Deerfield vet builds personal relationships with all of our clients and their pets. This helps us provide exceptional care to all of our patients because we develop a thorough understanding of their health background. Having a complete knowledge of an animal's health history, lifestyle habits, diet, exercise routine, energy, and allergies, helps us to diagnose them properly. A quick and accurate diagnosis can make all the difference when it comes to your pet's health, so we pride ourselves on our efficient care. All of our patients are like family, so we always go above and beyond to provide the highest quality of veterinary care.
Maintaining your pet's wellness can help save money on future Deerfield vet appointments and it can help ensure that your pet lives a long and healthy life! Preventative medicine helps maintain your pet's health with early detection and minimally invasive treatments. Diagnostic testing can help to identify underlying health issues before they become more serious, and can allow us to treat them with simple adjustments to lifestyle or with a minor procedure. By being proactive with your pet's health and wellness, you are doing your part to help them have a high quality of life. Call our office today to schedule your pet's next wellness visit! You can reach our Deerfield vet by calling (847) 234-2110 or by filling out an appointment request form directly on our site. We look forward to seeing your pet, so call our office today to book their next visit!