Cat Health Tips from our Lake Bluff Vet

August 22nd is National Take Your Cat to the Vet day, so our Lake Bluff vet wanted to take this opportunity to spread the word about cat health! Cats tend to visit the vet less often than dogs because they can be very elusive and tend to hide their discomfort. However, cats can develop dangerous health conditions, such as hyperthyroidism, that can quietly affect their organs without their owners even realizing it. We recommend that cats visit our office at least once per year so that we can give them a full physical examination and diagnostic testing. This gives us a chance to thoroughly look them over and discover underlying health issues before they become life-threatening. Keep reading to learn more about cat health from our Lake Bluff vet! 
Catch Age-Related Health Concerns Early
Many cats develop health issues as they get older, around 10-12 years of age. Things like arthritis, hyperthyroidism, and even allergies can all make their day-to-day life uncomfortable. They can also cause severe damage to their organs and joints over the years if not treated properly. If your cat is a senior, it should be your top priority to bring them in for a visit at least once per year, if not more. Our team can give you personal recommendations on how to manage health conditions as your cat gets older, and we can help you manage tier discomfort. Prevention is always the best medicine, so be sure to maintain their regular appointments to help prevent health issues. 
Underlying Pain
Cats are naturally elusive creatures, so many cat owners don't even know when their cat is experiencing a health issue. Your cat may exhibit some behavioral changes or they could change their eating habits if they are experiencing discomfort. By being proactive with their care, you can help prevent this discomfort before it occurs. Regular visits to our Lake Bluff vet can reduce your pet's pain and minimize their chances of developing a serious issue. 
Prevention is Key
Several common cat illnesses can be due to their diet, exercise level, allergies, and parasites in their environment. Many of these concerns can be managed and minimized with regular veterinary care. Cats often develop diabetes, hyperthyroidism, intestinal parasites, dental health issues, and even cancer as they get older. While not every condition is preventable, some conditions can be managed and treated more effectively if detected early on. 
Don't Underestimate Dental Health
Many cats experience dental health issues as they get older because they are frequently plagued by gum disease and tooth decay. We recommend regular dental cleanings and daily brushing to help keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong. Oral health is directly connected to overall wellness, so dental health issues can be correlated to a bigger concern. Make sure you ask our team about the benefits of regular dental cleanings for your feline friend. 
Protect your cat's health by maintaining their regular appointments and staying up-to-date on current vaccinations. You can help shield your cat from preventable diseases and help them live long and happy lives. Call our office to schedule your cat's next visit with us!