A grooming session at the Pet Boutique will leave your pet looking - and feeling - great! The friendly groomers at the Pet Boutique have many years of experience working with dogs of all breeds, coat styles, and dispositions. Our goal is to help your pet look his or her best in a safe, relaxing atmosphere.
All grooming sessions include a bath, brushing, a coat trim, and nail trim. Our groomers can cut and style your pet's coat according to breed standards or AKC requirements. Grooming has many benefits for your pet. A bath and coat trim can remove tangles and mats in your pet's fur, resulting in greater comfort for your pet.
Grooming sessions are by appointment only. All pets coming into the Pet Boutique for grooming must be current with all vaccinations. Please call us at 847-615-9663 for pricing information or to schedule your pet's appointment.