Exercises You Can Do With Your Pet

Your best friend might also make a good workout buddy. If you regularly walk your dog, you probably get more exercise than most. What many people don’t realize is that activity is just as crucial for your pet as it is for you. Here are some moves you can do together.
Start your workout routine by putting your dog on a short leash and power walk with them for about two minutes. Once you’ve gotten used to that, move up to a light jog for another two minutes.
Then, stand in one place and do arm circles, leg stretches and shoulder shrugs to warm up your muscles.
Work your glutes, quads and hamstrings by standing against the wall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure you push your shoulders, lower back and hips into your wall. Then, start to walk your feet as you allow your upper body to sink down to the floor. Go down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Hold in place for at least a minute. Then, start to come back up slowly. Repeat the action several times.
Find a set of stairs to burn calories, strengthen your legs and boost cardiovascular endurance. Make sure the stairs contain at least 20 steps so you can keep up a steady pace. Take your dog up and down as many times as you can, resting in between each set.
Cool Down
Take a slow walk when you are done and remember to stretch out those muscles yet again. Grab a nice big glass of water and don’t forget to hydrate your best friend as well. As you continue working out together, you’ll find that both of you get stronger and can endure longer sessions of exercise. Continue to increase your time and intensity as you enjoy these valuable moments together.