Cold Outside? Here’s Some Tips for Your Pet’s Winter

Pets might have fur, but winter is often still brutal to their bodies. As the temperatures go down and the roads become covered with snow, here are some tips from our experts on how to keep your pets safe this winter.
Protect their Paws
Even if they’re just hanging out in the backyard, being exposed to damp and cold conditions leads to chapped paws. Rub some petroleum jelly on their paws or put them in protective booties to keep them safe.
Bundle Up
Even though your pet has a fur coat, their ears, paws and noses are still at risk. Put a sweater on any pet with short hair before heading outside. Then, limit your time to just 10 minutes. If they’ve been exposed to any salt on the sidewalk or roadway, make sure you wash them off with warm water when they come back in. 
It’s also important that your animal has a warm place to sleep. Don’t leave them outside in dog houses during record cold weather. You also don’t want to let them sit in your car when the weather is brutal.
Keep Your Poisons Hidden Away
Your pets are curious and will easily get into anything. That’s why it’s critical that you lock anything dangerous away and out of their reach. Antifreeze is a common substance used during this time, but it’s deadly to your pets. The sweet taste attracts them, so you need to make sure they don’t have access to it. 
In the same regard, rock salt is also dangerous and should always be kept far away from your furry friends.
Final Thoughts
Take the same care of your pets this winter that you would for your children. They deserve to be cared for and protected from the brutal weather.