Choosing the Right Name for Your Pet

You’ve just picked up your new forever friend and you aren’t sure what to name him or her. We’ve all been there – the name is an integral part of your relationship, so you don’t want to pick just anything.
Picking the Right Pet Name
You might be surprised to know that about half of the pet names end up being a human name or some form of it. That’s because people tend to call their animals what they would name themselves. Another fifth of the names relates to their personality or appearance. That’s why you get Fluffy or Spot.
More Tips for Picking the Perfect Name
Here are some more tips if you don’t like those ideas.
-Pick something easily recognizable. One or two syllables seem to work best.
-Don’t forget that you’ll have to yell this name at the park; don’t pick something embarrassing.
-Avoid any name that sounds like a command. For example, you wouldn’t want to name the dog Joe because it sounds like No.
-Instead of choosing a long name, shorten it. Chances are you’ll use the shortened version anyway.
-Use the heritage to make your name. For example, stick with a French name for Poodles or an Irish name for a Setter.
-Watch the animal for a few days to make your decision. Sometimes, it just takes some observation of their appearance, behaviors and personality.
-Pick a name that grows with them. You won’t want to name your dog “Puppy.”
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