Bad Canine Behaviors Explained

Do you adore your dog but just wish he’d come when called? Or not tug on his leash quite so hard? Or maybe Spot is an angel around you, but a devil when confronted with his other furry friends? Well, you’re not alone. Many dogs have similar behavioral issues, many of which can be explained—and better yet—even overcome.


Curbing Behavioral Patterns In Dogs

• Not Coming When Called- Although one of the most important, “come” is ironically one of the least practiced commands we use with our dogs. So, the first trick is to simply use it more. Say “come” every time you feed your dog, and use rewards and treats each time he successfully comes to you. Playing a sort of hide and seek game with your dog – and the accompanying biscuits and doggy toys – can also help do the trick. Start slow and build distance over time.


• Yanking on the Leash- Does it feel like you’re more often being walked by your dog than the other way around? Just remember, the more you pull, the more they pull. Though this isn’t always the case, know that your dog is an expert in body language. When you tense up, so will he, releasing the fight or flight behavior. So, walk the streets with confidence, don’t get too defensive and steer away from any big distractions. Soon, your dog will learn to trust you and your walks together, and you’ll become the one in charge.



• Bad Around Other Animals- Pay attention to cues you’re getting from your animals and help them avoid sticky situations. Cats typically like having multiple escape routes at hand, while dogs may not need as many options, but still need the space they deserve. It’s also a good idea to use a leash when going over to a guest’s house in order to survey the situation. And of course, the more your dog interacts with other dogs – say at a dog park – the more calm he’ll become over time.

They’re never too old, and it’s never too late. With the proper training, your animal can learn wrong from right. But just like everything else, it requires time and patience. Don’t give up. Your pet is worth the struggle. And don’t worry, you too will get your reward.