At Home Holistic Therapies for Your Pets

We all want what’s best for our pets which is why we seek veterinary care when needed. Sometimes, other therapies are beneficial to the well-being of our furry friends as well. If you want to care for your pet in holistic ways, here are some of the best practices to incorporate.
Massage improves blood flow, relieves anxiety and reduces swelling. Pets are big fans of massage and often relax significantly after therapy. Make an appointment with someone trained in animal massage who can teach you some things to do with your pet.
Natural oil scents often relieve stress, in both pets and adults. Certain smells change the way your brain functions and allow you to feel at peace. It’s essential that you talk to your veterinarian before using any aromatherapy because some scents will do more harm than good. 
Proper diet improves overall health, eases the symptoms of chronic diseases and reduces inflammation in your pet’s body. It’s vital that your dog or cat take in the right amount of protein. You don’t want to feed them carbohydrate-filled foods. Stay clear of anything with peanut butter, soy, wheat or corn. 
If you need help deciding which food is best for your animal, speak with the vet.
Just like aromatherapy, several herbs calm a pet. Many vets recommend valerian, kava or chamomile to soothe the pet’s emotions. There are also combinations that can be created to work especially for what your furry friend is facing.
Whatever you do, don’t head to the Internet looking for the answers because you could be misguided and end up hurting your best friend. Instead, make an appointment to talk with the vet, and you’ll receive sound instruction.
With proper veterinary care and your holistic support, you can help your pet live the rest of their days comfortable and happy.